Dealer Benefits

For our current and future vehicle and equipment dealer partners the following is a brief summary of why we succeed in helping your dealership sales grow and we have broken it down to 4 easy steps:

1. Enquiry from a client

Client calls you and is interested in what you are selling. You have gained commitment but they need to pay for the vehicle, machinery or equipment and require finance.

2. Refer them to us

Call through or email their details and one of our highly trained staff will speak to the client; quickly assess approvability, at the same time gain a commitment to us also. In doing this we are gaining control of the finance process to secure funding for your sale. We offer them competitive finance facilities, at the same time we are mindful that this is your client and respect this. Most of our staff have many years of business banking experience and are quite capable of addressing client requirements, at the same time have extensive credit skills to ensure that we put in a lot of detail to ensure the client receives the funding.

Example of your update record

3. We keep you updated

We load client under your sales rep code on our advanced update system and you get twice weekly updates until settlement. This allows you to focus on new opportunities as we are actively trying to ensure the client’s deal settles.

4. Settlement of your sale

Remittance advice is emailed to you and we can clear funds, if required, within minutes of settlement. We contact customer within the weeks after the settlement to see they were happy with the transaction, and provide you feedback if required.

Again our objective is to close the sale for you, and give you more certainty in the sales process.

We can get your sales rolling, We can also structure low rate sales funding (eg. 0% – 3.99%) for new vehicles or equipment. Call us to find out more. 

We are currently expanding capacity and limited places are left for new dealer partners.

Would you like to join our network or get our team to come and see you? Please contact us and we will be happy to have a chat.


If you need some advice, just give us a call, our expert team of advisers are available to assist you about your finance options.